A little introspection and thanks


This is the graph generated by the Sitemeter stats for this blog over the past year. The big dip you see is during the indefinite hiatus that ended up lasting about seven weeks. I was concerned for a while whether I’d ever be able to get the blog back to the level of readership that I had before the hiatus. But as you can see, both the visits and page views are currently at their highest levels ever. The textbook-free project that I announced just a couple of days ago has picked up a good deal of interest — and links — from all sorts of places, all around the world, and as I develop the idea I’m excited to think that this interest might continue and even spread.

I’m always humbled to know that the stuff that I am writing is getting read by such a wide range of folks, and that it’s having some kind of positive impact on people. So let me say a quick “thanks” to everybody for making it that way, and for making it fun.


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  1. Congratulations on your well-deserved readership recovery!

    Best of luck on the textbook-free project, and I am looking forward to reading more as it progresses.