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I’m not working today, as Peanut is home from daycare with a cold and an ear infection. While she’s napping, though, I have time for some brief comments on four software tools I’ve recently come across.

Skim is a PDF viewer with the ability to mark up and add all kinds of notes and annotations to PDF’s. Normally, Mac users would just stick with Preview for all their PDF needs. But I have a lot of PDF documents to read, and I make a lot of hand annotations when I read. Preview doesn’t have the kind of functionality I want for annotating PDF’s, and it’s cumbersome to have a separate text file that I keep open alongside Preview. Skim is just in version 0.2, and I’ve only been using it for an hour or so, but I definitely like what I’m seeing here and it should only get better. Here’s a screenshot (click to enlarge).
Picture 1-8

– I already mentioned that my use of GTD is rendered moot by the prep/grade/prep/grade… revolving door, but as far as GTD tools goes, iGTD looks awfully promising. Until OmniGroup finally comes out with OmniFocus, their long-awaited GTD app that has yet to even reach beta stage, iGTD looks like it could be the grand unification theory that pulls all my wayward GTD stuff together. Haven’t tried it yet but it’s free, and looks good.

– Previously I posted a review of two online to-do list managers, Remember the Milk (which I had used) and Vitalist (which was new to me). I tried out Vitalist on a whim last week, and I’m really impressed. It’s less AJAX-y than RTM (which, given this news, might be a good thing) but it also seems less prone to doing things that I don’t want it to do and cannot undo. I’m giving Viatlist a try for the remainder of the semester — despite my complaining about doing nothing but prepping and grading, I am actually involved in 2-3 multistage projects right now — and I’d say so far, so good. The people who develop Vitalist seem to be adding functionality rapidly, and doing so in a way that responds to actual user requests. What a concept.

– Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t give props to this app I found at the Apple web site the other day:
Picture 2-7

Yep, it’s a slide rule for OS X, possibly-inappropriately called Caveman’s Calculator. I’ve got a lot of affection for stuff like this, since I first got interested in math by playing around with my dad’s old slide rule. Can we have some OS X Napier’s Bones next, please?

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  1. Caveman’s calculator? We used slide rules in high school.