Friday Random 10

  1. Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing (Stevie Wonder, Innervisions)
  2. She’s Not Afraid (Mark Heard, High Noon)
  3. Lift Me Up (Howard Jones, Best of Howard Jones)
  4. I am Weary (Let Me Rest) (Cox Family, O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack)
  5. Fair But So Uncool (Earth Wind & Fire, Open Our Eyes)
  6. Invisible (Clay Aiken, Measure of a Man)
  7. Mama’s Room (Under the Influence of Giants, Heaven is Full EP)
  8. Canones diversi super thema regium (Bach, Art of the Fugue)
  9. Jamie’s Secret (David Wilcox, How Did You Find Me Here)
  10. Drive My Car (Beatles, Rubber Soul)

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