To go, or not to go

I’m kind of intrigued by EduBloggerCon, being held in Atlanta on June 23. It’s billed as the “first-ever, international, all-day ‘meetup’ of educational bloggers”. The conference is being organized in real time using the wiki. So it sounds interesting, a little offbeat, and some regular visitors to Casting Out Nines, and bloggers whom I read regularly, will be there and it would be cool to meet them.

On the other hand:

  • It looks like the topics of interest so far are being dominated by ed tech/Web 2.0/School 2.0 stuff — not surprising, I guess, but I fear it would be a Kool-Aid drinking digital nativist lovefest rather than time well spent among educational bloggers discussing a broader pallette of topics. Then again, I could be the one guy there who goes from talk to talk holding up a sign that says “Show Me the Data“.
  • If this blog were something I were doing as part of my actual job, then I could tap into my yearly travel funds to help pay for going. But it isn’t. And I would feel weird asking my college for money to help support or augment my blogging habit, which I’ve been pretty intentional about keeping separate from my job. Anybody in Atlanta want to put me up for the night? And pay my airfare? And food?

[Update: Actually, I don’t care for flying these days, and I see that a car trip from Indianapolis to Atlanta is around 8 hours — doable — and it goes right through my hometown of Nashville, TN so I could break the trip up and see my parents and sisters if I drove. So this becomes more of a possibility. Of course that would involve explaining to my mom and dad what “EduBloggerCon” is…]

Still, I’m always on the lookout for conferences that are a little different — those MAA meetings are the same warmed-over keynote lectures and paper sessions every single time — and this definitely looks different. Also, it’s kind of amazing to see the list of people who say they’re attending; some are as far away as China and Africa.

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3 responses to “To go, or not to go

  1. I am not sure I’d go if it weren’t in Atlanta. Because I live here, the expense for attending wouldn’t be much.

  2. Indy to Atlanta is a shorter drive than Indy to here. It’s manageable. We’ve driven to Atlanta–and Atlanta in June is a lot better than Atlanta in July or August.

  3. I’ll make you an 8ft x 3ft “Show Me the Data” banner.