School insults go Old Testament

Hilarious send-up here of students’ use of the words “gay” and “retarded” to describe things they don’t like. The angle: Replace those insults with laws from the book of Leviticus. Samples:

“Man, you need to quit! That’s so crazy it allows cattle to graze with cattle of other kinds!”
“Oooh, you totally wear clothing made from more than one kind of fabric.”
“You touch the skin of unclean animals. You do it alla time, so’s your momma!”

And Ms. Cornelius in the comments adds:

You have talked smack to me for the last time! I shall nowmake your sky like iron and your earth like copper.
Because of your arrogance, I will not smell your pleasing odors.

Who says you don’t need to read the OT?


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2 responses to “School insults go Old Testament

  1. Thanks for the props. I actually took a class on the OT last semester, and I loved it.

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