House guests

This is slightly off-topic, but cool nonetheless: We found a surprise at our house on Sunday afternoon.
Pic 0002-1

It’s a bird’s nest — tucked away between the front door and the wreath hanging on the door. What’s more, we’ll be getting four new residents at our place soon:
Pic 0003-1

Now the trick is to avoid letting birds in the house when we open the front door.



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3 responses to “House guests

  1. The woodpeckers haven’t reappeared (it’s probably a little early), but the whippoorwills have. They’re driving the dogs nuts.

  2. Jami

    I applaud you not taking the nest down and throwing out in the yard just because it is “in your way”.

    Hooray for animal appreciation!! 🙂

  3. Jami — Doodlebug is fascinated by “our birds” and she asks me 3-4 times a day to go out to the front porch to see the eggs. We’re taking this as an opportunity to teach her some things about animals — like how birds have to hatch from eggs, what birds eat, who gets their food for them, etc. So there’s no way we’d get rid of it, although we’ll probably take it down once there’s no birds living in it.