My new blog: Prone to Wander

Longtime readers will remember that before Casting Out Nines, I had a blog called BrightMystery which dealt not only with the kinds of topics you read about here but also issues of faith, family, marriage, and fatherhood. I eventually split BrightMystery into two blogs, one for each general topic area. But the blog I created for faith and family and so on — we called it Daddyspeak — didn’t last very long.

Recently, though, two things happened. First, I began to miss writing about faith and family. I wrote posts like this one and this one, and after doing so I realized that I felt like I had a lot of things I wanted to write in this area that don’t properly fit here at CO9s. Secondly, I discovered blogs, which are free (ala Blogger) and run a modified version of WordPress, which is what I use for this blog. My wife and I migrated our family blog from a paid site to a blog and I was really impressed with the quality of the look and the ease of use. So I realized that I could set up a free blog for this stuff using a platform I already know and like, and if the blog ends up sucking then I can just delete it without any money wasted.

Hence, we have my newest blog — Prone to Wander. It is a blog about faith (99% of the time specific to the Christian faith and my journey with it), fatherhood, husband-hood, and other aspects of life that make life interesting. It’s a rather more personal blog that Casting Out Nines (minus any incriminating personal or family details) but there are connections to what you read here. One such connection I will probably explore is the connection between faith and learning, and being a Christian and being a professor. I used to think about, and blog about via BrightMystery, this stuff all the time, and I’m finding that this area is still fresh and inviting for me.

So you’re all invited to follow along,

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