Showing commenters some love

Scott McLeod of Dangerously Irrelevant (a very good ed tech blog I recently started reading) is giving awards to “Fantastic Commenters” and encouraging others to do the same. I’m jumping on that bandwagon. So without further adieu, I recognize the following commenters here at CO9s:

These three may display the following badge on their websites (er, Virusdoc can print it out and safety-pin it to his lab coat I suppose):
 Files Fantasticcommenter100
I think it’s a great idea. The MSM pundits cluck away about bloggers being into blogging out of sheer narcissism, but as for me, I’m in it for the comments. I don’t care if I only have half a dozen regular readers here — as long as they’re leaving good comments on what I post, it’s worth it.

Go ahead and pick up the meme yourself — there are three sizes of badge at Scott’s post.

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4 responses to “Showing commenters some love

  1. I’m in it for the comments too. Maybe that’s also narcissistic. I don’t care. I just like getting some immediate feedback on thoughts I’m having, which is something profs DON’T get when they publish in most other arenas.

    Thanks for spreading this idea further!

  2. I actually think it’s the opposite of narcissism. I want to get comments so that in case I am thinking about something or have an idea that doesn’t hold water, people who are smarter than I am can come along and blow holes in it. A true narcissist would just post and not have any comment section at all, or else delete out all the critical stuff. (Note that there are some non-narcissists who don’t have comment sections, so that’s not a slam on them.)

  3. virusdoc

    aww, i feel all warm inside! thanks! I’m honored to be an award winning hole-blower!

    (and thanks for not linking to my defunct blog, too. what an embarrassment…)

  4. JimMc

    All I can say Robert is thanks, you are awesome. And that umpteen years after my spectacularly mediocre showing in the Univ. of IL college of engineering, I’ve finally won the good graces of a college professor!

    It still feels pretty darn good. Thanks!