Update on fake elementary school gun attack

The teachers involved in the “learning experience” consisting of a fake gun attack on elementary school kids during a field trip have been disciplined. Their punishment: Suspension without pay for the rest of the year. Which is only two weeks from being over anyway. Whole thing here, and there’s a comment thread here.

Check out the backpedaling especially. This is no longer being called a “learning experience” but a “prank”, and here’s a good quote:

[Scales Elementary teacher Quentin] Mastin was the mastermind behind the prank, said Cheryl Harris, spokeswoman for the district.

“I think it was his night for a spooky story. It was his turn, and unfortunately, it turned out that it was just too close to the frightening situation at Virginia Tech,” Harris said. “No one planned for it to be as frightening as it was. But the story, it’s just become so sensationalized.”

Understand? Terrorizing kids as a learning experience prank is fine. It’s those darned parents and the media who are sensationalizing it. And as one of those parents said:

Brandy Cole, who said her son told her he wished he hadn’t gone on the trip, said she was disappointed the teachers didn’t receive a harsher punishment.

“I’m glad that they saw fit to take disciplinary action, but basically they’re getting two weeks of vacation. That’s not discipline; that’s two weeks off without pay,” Cole said. “They should be treated just like a student would be if the shoe was on the other foot.”

Sad but true. If this had been a child doing the learning experience prank, he’d be thrown out of school summarily and probably arrested to boot. But evidently it’s OK if you’re a teacher.

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