Light blogging alert — for a good reason

Tomorrow we are taking Peanut in for the big surgery to repair her cleft lip. This procedure is about as routine as having one’s wisdom teeth taken out, and about as uncomfortable. So we’re a little apprehensive not so much about the surgery itself but the recuperation process. But we’re also very excited, because although she is adorable and developing rapidly, the surgery is essentially going to remove the obstacle she has for a “normal life” as she grows up. It’s more than just cosmetic, although that side of the issue can’t be discounted. Her speech development, her ability to eat solid foods (already prodigious), her ability to get through stuffy noses and colds — anything that you need a normally-shaped nose and two whole lips for, she will be able to do without barriers after it’s over.

I’m trying to cook up and post some articles in advance so they’ll appear automatically over the next few days. I’ve got one done already for Friday. But basically I’m not budgeting any time to blog on Thursday through Monday because I have no idea what exactly I’m going to need to be doing around here. And, I hate to say it, but blogging just isn’t that important when something like this is happening in your family.


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