Journey to an academic job

Here’s a lengthy but interesting essay (with lots of photos) about one newly-minted math Ph.D.’s journey through the job process. There are lots of details about the nuts and bolts, and I’d say his experience is pretty typical of a lot of math Ph.D.’s entering the market from grad school. If you know somebody who is, or will be, in this position soon, then this is a good read. (It’s not bad either for those on search committees, to see things from the candidate’s point of view.)

I feel bad that it was an Indiana school whose department chair ripped him a new one for canceling the on-campus interview, but on the other hand they should have bought a refundable plane ticket.

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  1. R Beasley

    Great article. Very interesting and brought back lots of memories of my interviewing days (although in the field of CS/CIS).