ecto questions

Are there any power users of ecto out there who know how to make ecto do either of the following?

  • Add categories to a blog, like one would do from the WordPress control panel
  • Post to multiple blogs

Explanation for the second point: I have two blogs in addition to Casting Out Nines. I added accounts for them in ecto. But only one of the blogs seems to be accessible. When I try to post something to Blog #2, it ends up on Blog #1. And when I refresh the posts for Blog #2, I get the posts for Blog #1. I’ve tried Googling and haven’t really found anything useful, except for a couple of help articles that say that it’s impossible for ecto to get around this.

Also, anybody know of similar blogging software that will do these two things?

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3 responses to “ecto questions

  1. No to 1. That’s currently not possible. Hopefully in the future.

    As for 2: How did you set up the accounts in ecto? If your blogs are at and, then the first account’s access point should be and the 2nd If you did just that, then we got another bug in’s XMLRPC. Drop me an email in that case so I can talk to the WP guys.

  2. The email’s, er, in the mail.

  3. and i don’t know, how to make it bette. Masood Garfield.