Friday Random 10

  1. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (Beatles, White Album)
  2. Killing Floor (Howlin’ Wolf, His Best: Chess 50th Anniversary)
  3. Brandenberg Concerto #1 (Bach)
  4. Bit By Bit We’re Building a Set (The Wiggles, Whoo Hoo Wiggly Gremlins!)
  5. Buffalo Soldier (Bob Marley & the Wailers, Gold: Bob Marley)
  6. Universe Next Door (Wes King, A Room Full of Soldiers)
  7. St. Patrick’s Day (John Mayer, Room for Squares)
  8. Love is a Dead Language (Chagall Guevara, Chagall Guevara)
  9. Close to You (Muddy Waters, His Best: 1956-1964)
  10. How Sweet it Is (To Be Loved By You) (James Taylor, Greatest Hits)

Just in case you’ve never heard of Howlin’ Wolf at song #2 in the list, here’s a great clip from 1966 with him doing “How Many More Years”:

He was in many ways the living embodiment of the blues and had a huge impact on later music. ZZ Top channelled him with great effect, and his songs were covered by bands all the way from Led Zeppelin and Cream to Soundgarden and Megadeth. Check out his energy, even when the whole band is sitting down through the song, and just his sheer physical presence on the stage — he was 6′ 6″ and weighed 300 pounds! Great music from an American icon.

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