Some interface changes

I’ve eliminated the Twitter box that used to be in the sidebar. I was pretty heavy into Twitter for a while there. But after so long, Twitter just seems adolescent, like leaving notes in other people’s lockers in high school. The thought of grown men and women reverting to adolescent behavior in the presence of neat-o online technology is a little sad.

More seriously, I didn’t know until today that Sitemeter, whose blog stats services I have used going all the way back to my days, has been at the center of a despicable scandal involving partnerships with spyware “vendors” which involved pushing unsolicited spyware cookies onto users’ browsers. Chip has a huge article on it here. Needless to say, I hope that none of you have been affected by this, and I will be discontinuing using Sitemeter over the next few days in favor of Google Analytics. (Which some will find ironic, but I don’t share the general public’s paranoia about Google, and I will switch to something else if I ever do. If they let me.)

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2 responses to “Some interface changes

  1. Good move – Analytics is a powerful tool. It gives far more useful information than Sitemeter, which I also used to use.

  2. Thanks for the information about SiteMeter. I immediately put a Statcounter on my pages instead and deleted the cookies. I have some experience with Statcounter, so I thought I’d try it instead of Google Analytics.

    On a side note, I was kind of thinking the same things about Twitter, but I admit I hadn’t tried it, so I just kept pretty quiet.