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After a false start earlier in the week, here’s my very first screencast. I don’t consider this to be in its final form. I used no script and went basically off-the-cuff the whole way. My main intention in making and posting this is to elicit feedback from CO9s readers on any aspect of the screencast you find comment-worthy — the content, the video/audio quality, whatever.

For context: This will eventually be the third of twelve screencasts on LaTeX. This one focuses on creating a “Hello World” document and giving users a sense of how a basic LaTeX document is structured and how the typesetting works. The first and second ones will be (once they are made!) an overview of LaTeX and a walkthrough of downloading and installing LaTeX software for Windows, respectively.

Once I’ve bought and installed the memory upgrades to my Macbook so that Parallels Desktop runs faster than a glacier on Nyquil, I’ll probably redo this entire screencast from an entirely Windows-centric viewpoint since that’s the environment that the students will be living in.

I tried posting the original Quicktime video using ecto, but I was getting some error messages I didn’t quite understand — and it was taking an interminable amount of time to upload. So I have instead posted it to Google Video. Since Google Video is one of the services I am thinking about for delivering the screencasts to students, this should be a pretty useful exercise too. I’ll try to get the QT video up as well, since I expect that will give better audio and video quality.

Anyway, here it is. The running time is 12:41 (way down from the 25+ minute fiasco from a few days ago).

Update: Well, the typeface is so small you can’t read it on Google Video. That’s one thing to fix in the “release” version of the videos.

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