Monday lunchtime linkage

Here are some bits from around the blogosphere this morning:

  • Leo at Zen Habits says that David Allen, the inventor of the alternate lifestyle personal organization method Getting Things Done, has a GTD system that is way too complicated. And he (Leo) goes on to explain how to simplify it.
  • Presentation Zen (no relation) explains why the Japanese saying that one should “eat until 80% full” is not only good dieting advice, it also makes your presentations, speeches, and meetings better. Nothing ruins a good presentation than going five minutes too long.
  • Wes Fryer is wondering how schools should teach children how to do complex web searches and other nontrivial computer tasks. I made the point in the comments that Vernor Vinge, as usual, saw this issue coming a decade earlier in his short story “Fast Times at Fairmont High“. And I agree with Wes that executing a precisely targeted search contains some very high-level cognitive tasks that can’t be taken for granted among kids.
  • Here’s another story debunking the idea that there is no such thing as liberal bias in the faculty hiring process.
  • Republic of Geektronica has 11 predictions about the iPhone. Most are less than positive. The last one seems particularly true: “The next iPhone will be even better, and people who wait for the 2nd iteration will not be sorry that they did.” I’ve said before, I’m not an early adopter, except when it comes to my kids.

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