Next-generation iMac on its way?

It looks like there’s a next-generation iMac on the way as early as next month, according to this Slashdot article. Excerpt:

As previously reported by Degadget back on June 19th, the iMac update due this summer and is expected to be available in 20- and 24-inch versions, while the 17-inch version set to be discontinued. Apple’s next iMac revision is currently tracking for release in August, and will have a brushed aluminum enclosure with measure just 2-inch thick, according to ThinkSecret’s sources. Furthermore, ThinkSecret’s sources says, “The elegant new enclosure will somewhat resemble the current white iMac but is said to feature a shorter space below the actual display, where most of the internals are housed.” The upcoming iMacs are expected to be based on Intel’s Santa Rosa platform with speeds will reach the highest point at 2.4GHz.

That’s pretty relevant to some recent discussions in the comments about which Mac to buy. It would be nice if there were a bunch of early adopters of the new iMac who’d be willing to eBay their “old” iMacs for a fraction of the cost.

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4 responses to “Next-generation iMac on its way?

  1. virusdoc

    Apple’s Education store is running a promotion right now: buy an iMac, get an iPod free. I believe it runs through Sept. 4. They’re not likely to release the new iMac until after that, and I bet they hold off until Leopard is ready to ship preinstalled, sometime in October. The current free iPod promotion is probably an effort to clear out iMac inventory prior to the release.

    Thanks for the tip–I think I’ll wait.

  2. virusdoc

    Just ordered my new 24″ iMac. With a free iPod, no less!

    I can’t wait to toss my PC to the curb (metaphorically speaking; I’ll find it a good home).


  3. Just curious, Doc — are you going to get some sort of discount for upgrading to OS X 10.5 when it comes out in a couple of months?

  4. virusdoc

    I don’t know. Apple hasn’t publicized the upgrade pricing for the new iMacs, and I didn’t ask. Tiger is orders of magnitude better than Vista, so I’ll be quite content with that for awhile. Worst case scenario is I pay full price ($129) for Leopard, and that’s not a huge cash outlay.