Pardon the dust (UPDATED with important announcement about permalinks)

I’m going to be upgrading the WordPress installation here this morning. I’ve never done this before (my old hosting service used to do this for me) so pardon any screwups or strange behavior from the blog today.

Update: The upgrade is done, and it looks like everything works, modulo some weird behavior from the sidebar widgets which I’ll continue to work on.

Update 2: Some post-upgrade changes you might be interested in:

  • Added Reddit to the list of social bookmarking sites available at the end of each post, and added a bit of text explaining what the icons are for.
  • Added a “Notify me of followup comments via email” option at the end of each post. This was simpler than adding the RSS feed for individual comment threads and probably serves more readers too.
  • Replaced the tag cloud with a widget that lists the 10 most recent links I’ve added to my bookmarks. If you still want to browse all my bookmarks, just click on the heading of that widget.
  • Got rid of the WhoLinked? widget. Didn’t work right.

Finally, the biggest change I have made post-upgrade is that I have changed the permalink structure for blog posts. They are now of the form whereas the old structure would list the URL, then the date, then the title. This is a big change, and if you have any links to old posts of mine that you would like to keep clickable, then you’ll need to go back and change those links. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I think the new structure will make it easier for people to link to my articles since the URL’s are a lot shorter. (The old structure produced permalinks so long that they would get cut off if I pasted them into text areas, like Blogger comment fields.) If you need to make a permalink change, just take the title of the post and search for it using the Search field at the top-right of this page, then copy the new URL.

How are you liking the new additions? Is there anything you’d like to see added?

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  1. My biggest – perhaps only real – complaint about WordPress is the lack of intuitive upgrade functionality. For something that requires several updates a year, in a process that potentially jeopardizes years worth of writing and other data, I think this shortcoming is pretty significant.

    Oh, by the way, I’ll be doing the same thing, probably this weekend also!