101 Things and 1 new blog

This weekend I decided to undertake the 101 Things in 1001 Days challenge in which I will (try to) complete 101 preset tasks — each concrete and realistic but also challenging — in 1001 days. I’ve started a new blog, The Road to 101, to publicize my list of 101 things and document my progress towards completing them. You can read more about it at the (currently only) post there, and also at my parenting/faith blog Prone to Wander.

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3 responses to “101 Things and 1 new blog

  1. Jackie

    I tried to comment on the new blog. When I hit submit, all appeared fine (no error message…), yet no comment appeared. Any ideas?

  2. I’ve probably got it set to moderate all incoming comments. I just turned that off, and moderated yours so it shows up now. Thanks!

  3. Jackie

    thanks, thought I was going crazier!