An old article, fixed

“Escaping Textbooks”, an article I posted here on March 28, is probably the most-linked-to post in the entire blog, serving as the basic reference for the whole textbook-free Modern Algebra class experiment. However, Vlorbik on Math Ed pointed out that the five links at the very beginning of that article — which point back to earlier articles about textbooks — were broken. This was due to the change in the permalink structure I made last week. So I went back a moment ago and fixed those links, so that now they actually point to the right articles and not into empty cyberspace.

I like the new permalink structure, but I had a feeling that changing it was going to come back to bite me like that. Does anybody know of some WordPress magic that will go back and automatically convert outdated permalinks to a new structure? Or make it so that inbound links using the old format will automatically redirect to the right page? That sounds a lot more appealing than changing hundreds of links by hand.

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