More theme tweaks

I’ve made some changes to the new theme I initiated last week, as you can see. The details are below the fold. Leave all suggestions, wish lists, expressions of abject outrage, etc. in the comments.

I changed the theme to the two-column version from the three-column. I felt like the space was getting very “busy” and the content of the articles was getting crowded out. I’ve given the articles a little more real estate so that they are more easily visible at a glance, and I am currently probing mindlessly at tweaking the CSS trying to get the little gray header above the main content area to match the new size. And I’m changing some of the colors, particularly for quotations (needs some background color) and links (a little too light for my tastes).

I have temporarily gotten rid of the Related Articles list at the end of each article. I didn’t like the look, and according to Google Analytics nobody was clicking on those links anyway. I might reintroduce it later if I can figure out how to make it look nicer.

The Top Commenters widget is behaving wonkily. It has a tendency to invade and take over the widgets directly underneath it, no matter where you place it in the sidebar. This widget may be on its way out, although I know virusdoc glories in his top-dog status.

I’ve added a widget for the RSS feed for my new blog The Road to 101.

Finally, just a note about the single sidebar — the Categories widget does take up a lot of room and this makes it difficult to drag-and-drop the widgets as this theme allows you to do. But if you click on the little green circle in the top-right of each widget, it will collapse down into just a header. Do this with the Categories widget if you want it out of the way or want an easy way to reposition it.

Update: I also changed the main text font from plain-jane Arial to Trebuchet MS, which matches the font used in the post titles.



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2 responses to “More theme tweaks

  1. Thanks for trying out the top commentators widget, and I apologize for the way it’s behaving. You may want to download the latest version, with one small but important fix that causes the glitch on the sidebar.
    But do let me know still if it still does naughty stuff to your sidebars.

  2. Lorna – Thanks for the comment. I took it off the blog because it was consuming bandwidth, but I plan to include it back in once I’ve made some adjustments later.