Possible comment problem

Update: I’ve deactivated the plugin, so now you can leave comments (and you don’t have to do any math!). But I’ll keep trying to figure out how to get the math part of it working again — that plugin has been really effective in stemming the tide of comment spam around here.

A reader just emailed me to let me know that there’s some kind of issue with the commenting right now. The math comment spam plugin blank (where you put the answer to the small arithmetic problem) is not appearing in the comment form, but apparently if you try to leave a comment anyway it tells you have to go back and fill in the blank (which is not there to begin with). It’s too late in the evening right now for me to do anything with that, but I will try and look at it tomorrow. For now, try commenting; if it goes through, then great, but if it doesn’t, email me your comment (castingout9s [at] gmail [dot] com) and I’ll hold on to it under the commenting is fully operational again.

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  1. Jackie

    Testing… testing…