Some quasi-emergency site changes

I got an email from my hosting company on Friday informing me that I was at 91.9% of my bandwidth quota, and another one today saying I was at 94%. This was a major surprise to me, as I don’t host much in the way of media here that would eat up bandwidth. And I have never gotten anywhere close to maxing out bandwidth even during the peak traffic times, and blog traffic right now is way below those levels.

One possible cause for these problems was that I tried to upload a screencast to post, but the upload timed out. 6 MB of the file made it on to my account. But come on, 6 MB causes an overage? Another possible cause is that I have just 3 GB of bandwidth per month, which the more I look at other comparably priced hosting services seems outrageously small.

Anyhow, I have no concrete idea what is causing the near-overages of bandwidth. Unfortunately, neither does my hosting service, who seem to be trying to help but can’t offer me any advice beyond the obvious. And since I’m heading out for the Reconnect conference tomorrow and will be out of pocket for a week, I need to make a few quick and brutal changes to the blog to try and get the amount of data being transferred down to a minimal level. So:

– I am reverting back to the old PlaintxtBlog theme I had before, which uses fewer graphics and less Javascript (in the sidebars particularly).
– I’ve disabled the RSS feeds from my other blogs and the widget which usually appear in the sidebar.
– I’ve deleted all the Friday Random 10 posts going back to April, most of which have contained YouTube videos. Although I don’t see a lot of clicks on those videos from Google Analytics, and so I have no reason to believe those are being so heavily used as to cause bandwidth issues, those videos are probably the biggest data transfer sources and so I am not taking any chances.
– I deleted off other posts that had YouTube videos on them, namely one of the screencasting posts. If I find others, I’ll probably nuke those off as well.

Hopefully this will stem the tide until the end of the month, when the bandwidth usage gets zeroed out again.

Meanwhile, anybody with further suggestions either for how to figure out why I am suddenly sucking bandwidth, or how to fix it, leave a comment or two.


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