Images deleted… will it help?

I’ve taken a further step to hit the brakes on bandwidth usage by removing a number of images from the site. The stats from my hosting service show that 30% of the bandwidth usage is coming from accessing images, which seems crazy given how few of them I actually have. But if you are reading a post that sounds like it should have an image for it, and it doesn’t, that’s why.

I’m still getting the ominous emails as I approach 100% of my bandwidth capacity. Here’s how it reads:

You are currently at 97.03 percent of your Transfer Quota quota. Please take the neccessary actions to prevent any complications that reaching your quota may cause.

Thank you.

It sounds like they’re going to send some neckless guy named Vito out to my house with a baseball bat to teach me a lesson if I go over.

Adding to the irritation: I’m blogging from the floor of the Charlotte airport due to a 2-hour delay in my connecting flight to Newark caused by “air traffic and thunderstorms”. Because, you know, it’s hard to fly with all that weather and planes and stuff.

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