Made it…

Although the last post’s title indicated that it couldn’t get much worse, it did. My second flight out of Charlotte was also cancelled, forcing me back up to the ticketing counter for rebooking. I was much faster this time. After arguing with the ticket counter, I was put on a plane to Raleigh-Durham to catch a connecting flight to Newark on Continental. Made it to Raleigh-Durham fine, although there was a 90-minute delay in that one — what is the deal, USAir? — only to find that the connecting flight was delayed an hour, and then when it arrived, its computer system went down. It finally came back up a scant 20 minutes before the cutoff time past which that flight would have been cancelled. So I made it into Newark at 11:30 PM and to my hotel at 12:30. Only to find that my room key wouldn’t open the door, of course.

But I’m here, safe and sound, and working very hard to catch up. I’m with some nice folks who are putting up with me well.

More later!

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