Top electronic learning tools

Here’s a list of the Top 100 Learning Tools, as compiled from 69 different top 10 lists made by e-learning professionals. The top 10 in the compilation:

  1. Firefox
  3. GMail
  4. Google Reader
  5. Google (just the plain search engine)
  6. Skype
  7. Blogger
  8. WordPress (they don’t specify whether it’s or; probably the former)
  9. PowerPoint (ugh)
  10. Bloglines

That’s a pretty good top 10 list, although I still don’t understand the appeal of Skype.

There are some good-looking apps on the full top 100 list I had not heard of, such as FreeMind and Articulate. And I got a smile out of the fact that “paper” made it in at #38 in the top 100 list. I think it should be higher; I’ve become totally dependent on the little spiral-bound 3×5 Mead memo pads you get for about $0.50 each, for capturing ideas and passing thoughts (especially for use with GTD). And interestingly, Wikipedia is way down the list.

I suspect that list would look a lot different if it were done by operating system. There are some Mac-only apps — most notably Quicksilver, Keynote, and LaTeX-iT — without which I would seriously have a hard time doing my job. And I’ve been growing pretty fond of VoodooPad (which I’ve been using to design the textbook-free Modern Algebra course) and NetNewsWire lately. The knock on Macs used to be that most of the software out there wouldn’t work on a Mac, but I find the opposite problem — there’s so much good software for the Mac that I have a hard time choosing.

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  1. Thanks for the posting. Can I ask you to contribute your Top 10 Tools to the list – I want to reach 100 contributions. Here’s the information I require:



  2. Hi Robert-

    Glad to hear the list exposed you to our tools! We’re glad to be on the list, but would, of course, like to be higher up than #27. 🙂

    Have you tried out our free 15-day trials yet?


    Gabe Anderson
    Director of Customer Support
    Articulate – Empowering Rapid E-Learning