Another day, another theme, then back home

Yes, another theme, this time Aqueous Lite. What do you think of it versus the previous Rounded Transparent theme?

Tomorrow will be busy. We will be presenting our curriculum module proposals from 9:30-11:30, then lunch, then I leave for the airport at 1:50. After the Newark Airport debacles from earlier in the week, I can’t say that I’ve ever dreaded going to an airport more. That includes going to the Guangzhou airport with an 8-month old we just adopted to take a 14-hour trans-Pacific flight back in 2004.

I’m scheduled to get back in Indy just before midnight. I certainly hope I don’t run into too many delays. Given my experiences with USAir, I’ll settle just for landing in Indy sometime before Halloween.

Anyhow, blogging will probably be light for the rest of the weekend. I’m looking forward to getting back home. I’ll have more on Reconnect later, but I will share that I had a very funny conversation with Bill Pottenger and a few others tonight about replacing academic deans with artificial intelligence software and how one might calculate the entropy of a tenure portfolio. That’s the kind of week it’s been.


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8 responses to “Another day, another theme, then back home

  1. jackie

    Initial reactions: Aqueous Lite is too… light. The background seems very bright compared to Rounded Transparent. For some reason I also preferred the more narrow posting area in Rounded Transparent. Honestly though, I usually read in RSS feed, so…

    If you’re checking out any other themes, are there any that have the comments tag at the end?

    Hope your trip home is uneventful!

  2. I think the color scheme can be made a little darker by tweaking the CSS, and so can the width of the post area.

    By the way, did you notice you’d cracked the top 5 commenters list? 🙂

  3. jackie

    Noticed – now I have proof as to how I’ve spent my summer! 🙂

  4. Shoot…I lost my hold on 4th place! 🙂

  5. Teleholica

    This one is the best so far.

  6. jackie

    Today’s current theme (doesn’t appear to be either of the two mentioned above) – I like the teal color, so I agree with Teleholica.

    (Sorry Eric – but don’t worry, school is starting soon, so I’m sure you’ll get your spot back. Also, the ranking is just for quantity of comments, not quality!)

  7. Actually the “new” theme is still Aqueous Lite. I discovered that the theme installs a control panel that lets you change the color (I changed it to “midnight” from the “blue” that I had before), the width of the posting area, and some other things. I’m liking it too. Still need to do some layout tweaks and get some new widgets installed.

  8. This one is 800×600 friendly.