New additions to the sidebar

Sorry for the non-post here, but I wanted to announce some new plugins that I am trying out along with this new theme. You will find all of these in the sidebar, somewhere. (I’m moving them around to get the best layout.)

  • A new “About Me” widget with a photo and a blurb, with a link to the more detailed “About Me” page. There’s also a link to a new page called “Contact Me” which has email addresses, IM screen names, etc. galore.
  • A widget with links to my post and comment RSS feeds, including the little orange RSS icon.
  • A widget which displays the blog categories as a collapsible list. I’m very happy with this one, since I have a lot of categories and this saves tons of sidebar space.
  • A widget for coComment. I used to have coComment installed as a plugin, before the days of widgets, and it caused huge loading time problems because of the Javascript being used, so I ditched it. But I really see the value of coComment and would like to use it and integrate it here. So I’m hoping that in the year or so since I had the old plugin, the coding has gotten better and that there won’t be any loading issues. But if there are, let me know. The widget doesn’t have to be here. (As of 12:43 on Wednesday, I don’t have any coComment conversations going, so there’s nothing wrong if you get an empty list.)
  • I know I’ve stated before that I think Twitter is an adolescent waste of time, but darn if I keep coming back to it. I’m warming up to the idea of “micro-blogging” and so I’ve included a very lightweight Twitter widget with my three latest Twitter updates. The title just says “What am I doing?”, no mention of Twitter itself except in a link. And if you are really bored, you can follow my Twittering habits here.

You might not have realized it, but there was already a widget in the sidebar that posts the 10 most recent additions to my bookmarks. I’m working on getting a widget here that will allow you to leave audio comments. It’s all about enhancing the user experience!

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