Welcome, and an issue about permalinks

Welcome to all of you who are migrating to this new version of Casting Out Nines along with me. Please take a look around and let me know what you like, what you don’t like, and what you’d like changed.

There is one issue to point out having to do with permalinks which point back to previously-published articles. Currently they, er, don’t work. The short version is that the links to past articles all take you back to the old version of the blog, and even then they might not get you where you want. So in the meanwhile, if you are trying to find an old article, use the Search box.

Now click for the longer version.

Here’s the more technical version of this issue, as I understand it. Those more fluent in this sort of thing, chime in with comments please.

If you try to click on a link that points back to a past article, it will try to take you to http://www.castingoutnines.net which currently points to the old version of the blog. Moreover, I had different permalink structure issues on the old site, so there’s a good chance that link will simply deposit you on the front doorstep of the old version of the blog. Which is obviously not where you intended to go.

I went back and changed the permalink structure on the former blog to be the same as the permalink structure here, so now the only difference is the main URL. For example, the permalink for the “Advice on Advising” article at the old site is now


and the permalink for it on the new site is


So with any luck, when the nameserver changes finally propagate and castingoutnines.net points to castingoutnines.wordpress.com, the permalinks will just automatically work properly. But there is a good chance they won’t. In that case, I will begin a long and arduous process of manually changing the links in the articles to point to the right places. This will take a long time to complete.

In the meanwhile, if you are trying to find an old article, use the Search box over in the sidebar with some choice keywords, and you should be good to go.



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4 responses to “Welcome, and an issue about permalinks

  1. virusdoc

    will the rest of the comments come back?

  2. Which comments do you mean? Are there comments from a post that slipped through the cracks? (Or are you referring to the more recent comments on the old site?)

    I think all the older comments are here, although the “Recent Comments” widget doesn’t seem to be recognizing them.

  3. virusdoc

    As far as I can tell, all of our comments on the “new iMac” post from the last several days got deleted. There are only four now–we were up to 10 or 11.

  4. Not so much “deleted” as failed to get imported into the new site. I’ll have a look.