Fun with search engine entries

One of the things I like about blogs is the built-in statistical features that show traffic levels, referring web sites, and so forth. One of the items you can view is what people entered in to search engines to find your site. I got some interesting stuff over the last two days:


(1) That person must have been sorely disappointed to get a blog about math and education… and I think there’s such a thing as too much information.

(2) Yes… it’s called an “exponent”. Look into it.

(3) I can just imagine somebody sitting around thinking, “I’d sure like to cast my family out onto the street. I wonder if there’s a web site about that?” Might be the same person as in (1).

And I think it’s funny that both now and in the past, by far the biggest source of traffic for this blog are people doing Google/Yahoo searches for casting out nines, the numerical algorithm.

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