Cool keyboard shortcuts for Macs

This document has been making the rounds on the internet, and for good reason if you’re a Mac user. It gives three pages of keyboard shortcuts for creating all kinds of nonstandard symbols on the Mac — including a lot of common mathematical symbols that normally require a lot of time surfing menus to create. Examples:

  • Alt-X: ≈
  • Shift-Alt-8: ° (degree symbol)
  • Alt-J: ∆
  • Alt-/: ÷
  • Alt-5: ∞
  • Alt-<: ≤

Just about all of these shortcuts amount to using the Alt key along with the standard keyboard symbol to produce a variation on that symbol. (I found myself saying, “So THAT’s what the Alt key is for!”) These shortcuts appear to work in any app that uses standard Mac fonts. I tried them in VoodooPad Lite and they all worked fine.

There’s also lots of shortcuts for inflection marks, currency symbols, and more. I’ve put the file over in the widget in the sidebar for easy downloading.


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2 responses to “Cool keyboard shortcuts for Macs

  1. kashifalvi

    thanks for sharing the information…’ll help my brother a lot in his work.

  2. Karie

    Fake name of course, I came here to find some cool characters. like “≈” k? Bye!