Irritating software behavior part 2

Another day, another annoying software feature, this time from Angel (which we use for our course management system):


This is only one of many annoyances I have with Angel. It’s bloated, slow, clunky… it gives the user zillions of options but no control. Even more annoying than this little graphic is the larger fact that Angel forces users to use its own internal email system. When you send an email, it goes not to the user’s normal email address but to a special “Angel email” account. (There’s an option for sending to the internet address, but it is hidden in the screen and left unselected by default.) Angel tries to reinvent the wheel at every turn; and it’s not alone, because every CMS system I’ve used does the same thing.

I could do the same stuff Angel does, with a WordPress blog for a microscopic fraction of the price and the irritation.

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