Jocks aren’t dumb

It’s tempting to stereotype athletes as dumb jocks. But just in case anybody is tempted to think that athletes aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer, have a look at a piece of the Arizona Cardinals’ playbook (PDF, 839K), which is linked at this article at Here’s a sample page:


You’d almost think that you were reading a quantum mechanics textbook and looking at Feynman diagrams. And I think it would probably take the same amount of effort to learn this playbook as it would to learn quantum mechanics. And that’s just 10 pages worth of a playbook; many NFL playbooks are over 700 pages long.

Add to the complexity of the playbook the fact that most of the actual play has to be adjusted on the fly in split-second time windows on the field as the play unfolds, and you begin to get the idea that you really have to possess a lot of intelligence — to say nothing of analytical skills and reading comprehension — to be a good athlete.

[Hat tip: Colts message board.]


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3 responses to “Jocks aren’t dumb

  1. lynn

    That’s pretty cool. And they have to learn it and remember it with these huge guys coming at them. Go Browns!

  2. Jami

    Here’s the difference… Scientists who study quantum mechanics dont get paid millions of dollars a year. 🙂

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