Friday Random 10 for 8.31.07

From the depths of the iPod this morning:

  1. Samba de Bencao (Maria Bethania, Days in Mar del Plaza)
  2. Shiny Happy People (R.E.M., Out of Time)
  3. Little Wing (Stevie Ray Vaughan, Greatest Hits)
  4. Orinoco Flow (Enya, Watermark)
  5. Stone Free (The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Are You Experienced?)
  6. Saturday Nite (Earth Wind & Fire, Essential EWF)
  7. Ramblin’ on My Mind (Eric Clapton & John Mayall, Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton)
  8. In the Light of The Common Day (Phil Keaggy, Beyond Nature)
  9. Brother Jack (Phil Keaggy, Beyond Nature)
  10. I Don’t Wanna Be (Gavin DeGraw, Chariot)

Earth Wind & Fire is a personal favorite band, and “Saturday Nite” (#6) is one of my favorites of theirs, with yet another perfect bass line from Verdine White. Verdine is one of my bass guitar heroes — never over-the-top, always in the pocket, and every line or riff he does is exactly what the song needs at that moment.

I was really hoping to find some video for “Saturday Nite”, but no dice. Instead, here’s the music video for one of the songs they are best known for. Try not to laugh too hard at the hairdos and costumes — it was the early 80’s for crying out loud and everybody was doing it.

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