5×5 for September 19

I’m getting my rear-end kicked at work right now, otherwise I’d have real posts going up. For now, sit back and enjoy this week’s 5×5. (I debuted this feature last week and explained what a 5×5 is here.)

Five Interesting Prime Numbers (courtesy of the Prime Curios website)

  1. 2 (the only even prime)
  2. 11777 (It’s an emirp because its reverse, 77711, is also prime.)
  3. 8675309 (For 80’s music fans)
  4. 103993 (Because 103993/33102 equals ∏ out to the 1/100000ths place!)
  5. 555555555551

Five Irritating Web 2.0 App Naming Conventions

  1. Having a name that should end in -er but has the “e” left out, such as Flickr, Retrievr, etc.
  2. Calling anything and everything “beta”
  3. Gratuitous and illogical use of periods to make the name look like a website, such as del.icio.us and bubbl.us
  4. Names that do not describe the app, such as Meebo (which is an instant messaging app)
  5. Anything that involves the term “mashup”

Five Things I Will Never Do for this Blog

  1. Insert text ads
  2. Spend more than $50 per year on this blog for any purpose
  3. Send around emails to high-traffic blogs asking them to link to me (a.k.a. “link-whoring”)
  4. Spend more than 30 minutes a week contemplating my traffic patterns (or lack thereof)
  5. Force myself to write when I have nothing to say

Five Bands/Musicians I Wish I had Seen in Concert While They Were Still Around

  1. Led Zeppelin
  2. Stevie Ray Vaughan
  3. Cream
  4. The Beatles
  5. The 80’s incarnation of King Crimson

Five Halloween Costume Ideas for Me

  1. Academician (i.e. just wearing my Ph.D. hood, gown, and tam)
  2. Martin Luther (i.e. just wearing my hood, gown, and tam)
  3. Henry VIII (i.e. just wearing my hood, gown, and tam)
  4. 19th century Protestant minister (i.e. just wearing my hood and gown, minus the tam)
  5. Supreme Court justice (i.e. just wearing my gown, minus the hood and tam)


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5 responses to “5×5 for September 19

  1. Regarding link-whoring: I’m convinced that one gets more viewers by writing a better blog, not by convincing people to link to you. If you write a better blog people will link to you because they find you interesting and think their readers might find you interesting as well.

    Regarding “Calling anything and everything “beta”” — why doesn’t it go past β? I think on the next paper I write I’ll call the first draft the α version, the next draft the β version, the third draft the γ version, and so on.

  2. Actually the alpha designation is now becoming fairly common. I’m using OmniFocus for my GTD/time-management tasks right now and it is an invitation-only alpha release from OmniGroup. There will be a public beta Real Soon Now. But true to form, the alpha version has all kinds of bugs and things that go wrong with it. But as long as my data are backed up I think that makes it sort of fun to use, in a wild-west way.

    Your point about link-whoring is my thought exactly. If you have to badger higher-traffic blogs and do all this data mining to get your blog read, perhaps there’s a problem with the content.

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  4. 3599 because it is not.
    They won’t annoy you if you don’t pay attention.
    Does 5×5 sort of violate 5?
    Saw the 80’s incarnation of King Crimson. Cool. Very.
    Star from a Bruegel painting?

  5. I had the pleasure of seeing SRV 4 times in concert. I even got a pick which, unfortunately, didn’t impart any super guitar prowess. As a youngster I was amazed by his speed, but now I prefer the handful of slow ballads he did.

    If you like blues and jazz, Derek Trucks is my new guitar god. He has plenty of videos on youtube, too. If you’re not familiar with him, check out the Internet archive live music archive for some bootlegs. You really have to see the band live… here’s a decent quality radio show.