Friday Random 10 for September 21

  1. Concerto for Violin, Oboe, and Strings in D Minor, movement III (Bach, performed by Akiko Suwanai)
  2. Sitting Along in the Moonlight (Bill Monroe, The Music of Bill Monroe)
  3. Pop Song 89 (REM, Green)
  4. Big Enough (Chris Rice, Past the Edges)
  5. Tie Your Mother Down (Queen, Classic Queen)
  6. With My Own Two Hands (Ben Harper, Diamonds on the Inside)
  7. Thirteen (Johnny Cash, American Recordings)
  8. Far East Medley (Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Live Art)
  9. Cold Shot (Stevie Ray Vaughan, Greatest Hits)
  10. Miss Claire Remembers (Enya, Watermark)

In this week’s 5×5 I listed Stevie Ray Vaughan as one of the artists that I wish I’d seen perform live while he was still around. Thanks to YouTube, we can all get pretty close to that experience. Here he is with Double Trouble doing “Cold Shot” (#9) back in 1984. It’s incredible that he can get that much sound out of one instrument. And if you ever thought that bass playing was easy in the blues, check out his bass player’s awesome left hand technique.



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3 responses to “Friday Random 10 for September 21

  1. dpg

    If you want to Stevie Ray Vaughn play the guitar behind his back, you can see him do it around miniute 7 as he plays “Texas Flood” at . It is almost non-human. The whole song has amazing guitar work in it.

  2. That video is AMAZING. Thanks for the link. I wish the camera could have panned through the audience during the behind-the-back portion of the solo just so I could see the looks on their faces.

  3. I was blessed to see SRV at the Volunteer Jam. I might have heard of him before then but you can believe I never forgot him afterwards. I have always wished that I had caught one of his own shows, but I’m glad that I at least got to see and hear that one set. Incredible!