Carnival of Mathematics #18 is up

Go check it out at JD2718. It contains my recent update on the textbook-free modern algebra course and a large, and I mean large, assortment of other math-related posts. Some of these are about math teaching, some are about math research, and some are just cool. One combination of all of these types of posts is this one from Fields Medal-winning mathematician Terry Tao.

And I have to believe that being in the same blog post as Terry, AND listed just after a post at the most excellent geek blog-comic, my math coolness quotient must have gone up a few notches.

The next carnival is in 13 days at Good Math, Bad Math.



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4 responses to “Carnival of Mathematics #18 is up

  1. I thought it was brilliant of Terry to offer the Pythagoras post as well as something more traditional (a graph theory theoretical thing). Where the levels mix together, that’s where, IMHO, the most interesting discussions happen.

    And yeah, xkcd makes me laugh out loud. Too bad you can’t print the rollover comments.

  2. There’s something about math-blogging that, I think, signals a major change in the way mathematics is done professionally. I now have the chance to interact one-on-one (or at least several-on-one) with Fields Medalists at their blogs. In years past, you’d have to go to the right schools and have the right kind of mathematical stature to get within earshot of these guys. The fact that ordinary math people like myself and a lot of the other posters at CoM can rub shoulders and exchange ideas with these guys is really amazing and, I think, without precedent in the history of math.

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  4. You are right, although maybe not in a wholly positive way. I notice someone posted the ‘outline of a proof’ of Goldbach for Terry Tao’s comment…