Friday Random 10 for October 12

  1. Oh! Darling (Beatles, Abbey Road)
  2. A Kind Of Magic (Queen, Classic Queen)
  3. New Song (Howard Jones, The Best of Howard Jones)
  4. Love Is The Seventh Wave (Sting, The Dream of the Blue Turtles)
  5. Turn It On Again (Genesis, Duke)
  6. Strong Hand Of Love (Mark Heard, High Noon)
  7. Badge (Cream, Goodbye)
  8. Vital Signs (Rush, Moving Pictures)
  9. Hard Time Killing Floor Blues (Chris Thomas King, O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack)
  10. Tempus Fugit (Yes, Drama)

So last week we saw some rare Yes studio session footage from 1976, with a comment from me wondering how good Yes might have gotten if it hadn’t been for Jon Anderson’s faux-yogi lyrics. Fast-forward to 1980/1981 and you have the answer to my question in Drama, the one Yes album not containing Anderson or his lyrics. This album wasn’t supposed to be any good, with Anderson and Rick Wakeman having departed and replaced by two relative unknowns at vocals and keyboards. But in fact it’s one of their best. Here’s the video for “Tempus Fugit” (#10):

Trivia questions for the audience:

  1. Who are those newcomers at vocals and keyboards?
  2. What band were they previously in, and what is that band’s claim to fame?
  3. What band did guitarist Steve Howe and the new keyboardist go on to form the next year, and what was their big radio hit?
  4. What connection did the new vocalist go on to have with Yes in the early 80’s?
  5. The new vocalist here went on to produce albums for lots of artists, including one hugely popular singer in the 90’s. Who was that singer?

No cheating by using Wikipedia, please.

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