A week of retrospective

You may have noticed that posting has dropped off a bit over the last week. For some reason this past week was busier than usual at work — I had to take most of Friday afternoon off to go to an out-of-town meeting and had to slide all my Friday afternoon course prepping into time slots earilier in the week. Given that I didn’t really have time during the week to do this, there was no time during the day to blog. And I’ve just been too worn out after the kids are in bed to think creatively.

In the process of getting through the week, I realized that I was just kind of tired of blogging, and I  need to take a little vacation for a while. I wouldn’t say that I am “burnt out”, exactly, but I am finding it hard lately to write with passion and with clarity about the sorts of things this blog deals with. So I am going to take a week off to recharge my blogging batteries.

Instead of posting new stuff this week, I am going back through the 900-something posts I’ve made here over the last couple of years and pulling out the 10-15 posts that really stand out, and I’m going to be re-running those throughout the week with some present-day editorial notes. These posts are the ones which, in my estimation, best represent why I am blogging and what I am trying to accomplish through this blog. Some got lots of comments; some started conversations that turned in to bigger things. But they all represent what I feel to be the “greatest hits” of CO9’s since its inception almost two years ago. After the week is over the permalinks for these will probably show up on a new static page here, or in the sidebar.

Hopefully this won’t be like those awful episodes of your favorite TV shows which, instead of giving you a real episode, instead force upon you a spliced-together collection of clips from the earlier parts of the season.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the retrospective this week, and I’ll be back with news stuff in November.



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2 responses to “A week of retrospective

  1. elementaryteacher

    This is a great idea. Since I’m a new reader to your blog, I will really look forward to these posts.

    By the way, I wanted to share with you that the “casting out nines” I demonstrated to my third graders made such an impression on one difficult student that it has turned around his work and behavior by 100 percent since that time. Now he really wants to impress ME! Furthermore, I feel he could be a budding math genius!

    Best regards,
    Dedicated Elementary Teacher Overseas (in the Middle East)

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