Heads-up/Question about Maple 10 in Leopard

I need to interrupt the stream of retrospective articles to throw out a question/bleg to the audience. I upgraded the Macbook to Mac OS X Leopard yesterday, and now Maple 10 is not working. I’ve always had troubles with Maple 10 crashing on startup — I usually have to force-quit and restart at least twice before it opens and stays open. But now, no amount of that is getting Maple 10 to open. It just tries to open and then does nothing.

This is a serious issue because most of the computer algebra system work I do in my classes is with Maple on the laptop. As you’d probably guess, there’s no mention of any Leopard-related issues in a Google search or on Maplesoft’s website. I have submitted a ticket to their tech support and was reassured that “within 2-4 business days” somebody would get back to me, but I have a feeling that the blogosphere is faster. (And I need a resolution sooner than this weekend.)

So — any Maple 10 users out there having success, or similar problems, running the software under Leopard?


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  1. Mike

    Yep, same thing happened to me … although I never had a problem running Maple 10 under Tiger. Now, however, I click the icon and it just sits there and bounces on my dock. Looks like I’m going to have to solve this integral with Wolfram’s integrator: integrals.wolfram.com. Works as a last resort.

  2. Yeah, except when you need to do something other than integrate!

    As a small update, I did actually get an email back from their tech support saying that they’re on it. I imagine we are not the only ones in this situation.

  3. Jesse

    Having the same problem here; I had no issues whatsoever with Maple 10 in Tiger, starting it up or otherwise, but after doing a clean install of Leopard and reinstalling Maple, it doesn’t work anymore. I wonder if the same thing happens with Maple 11…

    And system resources isn’t an issue here, I have a beast of a Mac Pro (quad-core 3GHz with 4GB RAM) that runs everything without flaw—at once—except Maple 10 under Leopard. It is a Leopard issue.

  4. Here’s the Console line from every time I try to run it:

    2007-10-31 22:16:58 [0x0-0x3b03b].com.maplesoft.maple10[1016] [JavaAppLauncher] application launched with ppc-thin application stub. Using native application stub instead.

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  6. Jon

    I managed to get Maple 10 working on 10.5.0 on an Intel Powerbook (I refuse to use the new name, what can I say) via the following steps. Note that I’m still using the PowerPC version, if I’m feeling extremely adventurous I might try switching versions but I don’t want to rock the boat before exams.

    1) Upgrade to Leopard. Presumably already done.
    2) Install the Maple 10.06 update. No idea what happens if you’ve already done this.
    3) Open Maple 10. All of a sudden, it works.

    I don’t know if there’s anything special about 10.06, or if it’s something about installing the update after having installed Leopard, or what, but it worked for me. Might save some bacon for someone else.

  7. Jon, it got a lot further this time; the window came up, but then an error window appeared that said:

    “Cannot launch Java application

    Uncaught exception in main method: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: “TipCount””

    Might give MapleSoft a little more to work with though 🙂 Thanks for the tip.

  8. I’m having pretty much the same experience as Jesse. The Maple interface at least comes up now, but there are some obvious problems — for example, none of the palettes on the left sidebar have titles and some are outright missing, and the fonts just don’t look quite right. Most seriously, the kernel won’t start up. I didn’t get the error message Jesse got, though.

  9. Jon

    I appear to have full functionality—the kernel’s active, and everything I needed to do for today’s homework worked just fine. The console logged a message that is most likely not useful, but I’m including it just in case:

    11/5/2007 10:52:22 PM [0x0-0x29029].com.maplesoft.maple10[188] [JavaAppLauncher] application launched with ppc-thin application stub. Using native application stub instead.

    Some more details that might or might not be relevant: the upgrade was almost certainly from Maple 10.02 Student Edition, PPC version (I have no memory of upgrading at any other time, and /Library/Receipts/ similarly has no record of a Maple update installer other than 10.06). Any differences here?

  10. I’m not using the student version.

    I’ll probably bug Maplesoft for some real support today or tomorrow.

  11. Bree

    I had the same experience as Jon. I am running the student PPC version, and on upgrading to 10.06 I seem to have full functionality. Thanks for the tip!

  12. lee

    i use the student version, never had a problem b4, now it wont work at all. on a side note, matlab needed to be restarted like 4 times b4 it would work on my powerbook.

  13. Al Anderson

    I am using Maple 11 with Leopard and the output from printing and LaTex export is just terrible. Is it working under Maple 10?

  14. I can’t speak, obviously, to how Maple 10 might be doing this using Leopard, but in Tiger Maple 10 always did a pretty good job with both printing and LaTeX. I would often print notebooks to PDF and just view them, and that always looked fine. But as you can read here, I’m having issues with both Maple *and* PDF’s with Leopard, so go figure.

  15. Michael

    I had problems using Maple10 after switching to leopard, too. (No connection to maple kernel, etc..) After reinstalling maple, all problems were gone, even 10.01 worked without problems.

  16. Friday

    Maple 11 runs on Leopard. But the output in printing sucks yeah 😦 tried different things with no luck!

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  20. Peter

    I’m having the same problem: Maple 10 won’t load after upgrading to Leopard.

  21. nagasy

    I’m having the same probleme on leopard. Mapple 10 crashes after trying to startup 10 + seconds. After googling, i thought i was the only one with this probleme. Seems not. Let’s hope they fix this probleme.

  22. Rob

    I had the same problem, found a fix that indicated that OSX upgrades (even 10.5 to 10.5.1 and more) reset the order of Java Preferences.
    Maple needs to have Java 1.4.2 to work. Do this:
    1) Just load Java Preferences (can find in Spotlight then load) and set the first set of 3 radio buttons (in mine) to choose Java 1.4.2
    2) Just below half way down screen is a text box of 4 lines. Just click/drag Java 1.4.2 to the first line in the box (moves Java 5.0 down below it).
    3) Save and Exit
    4) Rerun Maple, this worked for me.

  23. Nicki

    I don’t know if anyone’s still having this problem, but I’ve found a way to fix it.

    1) Go to Java Preferences (if you can’t find it, just search for it in Spotlight at top right of the screen)
    2) In the General tab, Under ‘Java Version’, make sure J2SE 1.4.2 is checked, and NOT J2SE 5.0 or any of the others.
    3)Then, under ‘Java Application Runtime Settings’ drag J2SE 1.4.2 to the top of that box.
    Now save and try to start Maple again (also make sure that if you have previously been trying to open it, do a ctrl+click on Maple and Force quit before doing this procedure).

    The only thing with this method is that every time Mac OS X does an upgrade it automatically changes back, so you may have to do this again if your machine upgrades and Maple again doesn’t work