The retrospective series in convenient page form

I’ve made a new page for the blog containing a list of the 12 posts that were featured in the week-long retrospective I ran during October 28-November 3. You can find it in the new tab up on top labelled “CO9s Top 12 Posts”. Like all pages, this will remain permanently “on top” in the tab bar, so you can get to all twelve of those posts easily any time. If you’re new here, please check those out.

Aside: Putting up a “greatest hits” page seems appropriate since I see that I have just passed 1000 posts on this blog! That makes me either productive or verbose.

While I’m at it, don’t be surprised if you see a new theme show up here soon. just made a couple of really nice ones available and I’ve been toying around with them. Here’s what CO9s looks like under one of these new themes:


Chances are I’ll stick with the one I have now, but you never know.


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