Icon soup

So I was trying to avoid thinking about how badly the Colts were playing tonight against San Diego by dinking around with Leopard some more. Specifically, I was trying to make a stack that contained aliases for my most commonly-used math-related applications: TeXShop, LaTeXiT, Excel, Sketchpad, and Maple. This way I could take five icons off the dock and replace them with a single stack that would fan out in that cool way Leopard does it.  So I made aliases for all five apps,  made a new folder, moved the aliases into the folder, and put it on the right side of the dock. The good news is that it works like it’s supposed to. The bad news is that the icon for the stack looks like:


It’s all five of the individual icons, layered on top of each other in an indistinct mess.

Is this happening because the icons are transparent? Anybody know how to make this go away, so that only one icon at a time appears?


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  1. Ben Chun

    The solution I’ve seen proposed for this is to create an empty file named “AAAA” or something similar that will sort at the beginning of the stack, give this file the icon you’d like the stack to have, and then place it into the folder. Set the stack to sort by name, and you’ll have the icon you want on top. Of course, this doesn’t mean you wont’ see the other icons back there, and now you’ll have a bonus useless icon in your stack. I’m having a tough time figuring out how to feel about the stacks, but I do like having downloads there instead of all over my desktop.

  2. virusdoc

    Seriously, this is ridiculous that we should have to create fake empty files just to make Leopard’s dock usable. This is the kind of crap I was used to in Windows, but haven’t had to do at all in Tiger. They have to fix this.

  3. Doc – Agreed. Leopard’s nice overall but there are some serious UI gaffes that really have me wondering what they were thinking. It’s certainly not like Apple. I know the service pack is supposed to be coming Real Soon Now but couldn’t they have gotten stuff like this right the first time? Who was beta-testing this anyway?

    It actually reminds me more of Linux, where if you wanted to do anything you had to go spend 4-6 hours surfing various internet message boards and learning UNIX commands to hack at things.

  4. virusdoc

    A more elegant solution, complements of today’s TUAW.com:


  5. Robert,
    I got a side question.

    I used TexShop briefly but now use AquaEmacs for my LaTex work. I am wondering if you have some points on why you are happy with the first.



  6. Lito – I suppose it boils down to being familiar with TeXShop a long time before trying out AquaEmacs. I did try AquaEmacs out for a little while, and honestly I can’t remember why I didn’t keep it around, but I do know that I had been using TeXShop for a couple of years prior to that and was used to it.

    I seem to remember that AquaEmacs didn’t really add anything to the LaTeX-ing experience — nothing really worth switching for — and being really more a general-purpose text editor it had a bunch of stuff I didn’t need around.

    However, since you brought it up, and since I am now needing a really good text editor for doing Perl and Lisp programming as well as TeX, I might take time over Thanksgiving to try it out again. I really, really like Textmate as a text editor but $50 is steep for a text editor, I think.

  7. Robert,

    I will give TexShop ago, I because I am an XEMacs guy, I was simply at home with it due to familiarity. Thanks for mentioning Textmate, I have never heard of it but I am obsessive text editor shopper so nice to know another one.


  8. From what I’ve heard there was a rush to get Leopard out the door after its original postponement to October, which would explain the rough edges and the reason that some of the features touted by Apple didn’t make the final cut (like dropping a bunch of files into the Dock to create a new Stack.) I suspect this will be fixed with the free updates.

    Still kicks Windows into touch though 😉