Leopard and OpenOffice

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I don’t run OpenOffice on my Macbook since I use MS Office or iWork for everything, but I have a ton of old OpenOffice files sitting around, left over from my Linux days when I did use OpenOffice. I just discovered that under Leopard, you can Quick-Look an OpenOffice word processing document (with the .odt format) even though OpenOffice is not installed:


And if you double-click an OpenOffice word processing document, it opens up — in TextEdit, fully formatted!


Maybe TextEdit played nicely with OpenOffice documents all along, but it’s still a nice discovery. Leopard’s got its quirks and flaws, but it also seems to have a lot of nice undocumented features like these.

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  1. This is a new feature that has come along with Leopard. In the future there will be a QuickLook plugin for viewing the other ooo filetypes too.