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Hot off the RSS reader for this Tuesday morning:

  • Fresh on the heels of the public beta release of OmniFocus is this announcement that a major upgrade in iGTD is in the offing.  As I wrote earlier, I wasn’t too keen on iGTD after trying it out — too many bells and whistles that don’t add to the performance of the system. But maybe there will be some improvements in this version 2 release. However, it probably won’t be free like it has been up to now, and with OmniFocus priced at an ambitious $80 per license, one wonders if iGTD will try to match it or “undercut” that price at something like $50, which is still too much money.
  • Speaking of GTD, here’s how to fail spectacularly at Getting Things Done. I don’t know about “spectacular”, but I’ve certainly had to start my GTD process over a couple of times. I think the article is right about not doing GTD at home if you do it at work; you can’t be fully organized in one place if you are disorganized in the other. [ht Lifehacker]
  • Slashdot is reporting a major breakthrough in neural interfaces that will effectively allow machines to synthesize a person’s speech based on the person’s brain activity. Cool.
  • Here’s an open letter to kids who don’t like to write down their steps to math problems. It’s not snarky like you might expect and makes an interesting point about neural development. [ht Homeschool2.0]

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