Greenberg geometry text updated

0716799480_ovl_th.jpgI got a nice surprise in the mail this morning — a review copy of the fourth edition of Marvin Greenberg’s classic text Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometries. It seems like this book has been in the third edition since time immemorial. I used the third edition in my first year of teaching after graduate school, 10 years ago, and loved the depth and clarity of the writing. That much seems not to have changed. There are some significant rearrangements and updates to the material, and overall the book just looks a lot nicer (And the color scheme matches my blog, to boot!) There don’t seem to be a lot of good intro-level geometry texts out there — and there are a lot of bad ones — so a new Greenberg is a nice early Christmas present. It’s the kind of book that makes you want to sit down and work through it just so you can learn geometry from back to front.

Freeman textbooks are on a roll these days, what with this new edition of Greenberg and with Rogawski’s excellent new calculus text. (Disclosure: I was a reviewer for Rogawski.)  I don’t advocate for textbook use often, but if you have to use one, use a good one!



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  1. I used Greenberg once (my friend had him at Albany, I think). I also used Noronha’s text once. And there was a third… I don’t recall, and I lost it in a good trade. All of these as a student. Since I’m lousy at basic geometry, I forced myself to do a few extra courses.

    Anyhow, I did like Greenberg and I liked the emphasis on the history of this stuff (which informs my high school teaching, both in a general way, and, from time to time, explicitly).

  2. Guru paran


    Is it possible for you to fwd me the (Greenberg geometry text updated) book?

    I know that you may not like this, but, I am searching for goods book on Euclidean Geo/Non-Euclidean Geo. For that sake, if you have any material of introductory and medium level, please do send them.

    It would be really help ful for my studies. Thanking you in advance.

    With regards

  3. Guru paran

    My Email id: (missed out in the prev post)

  4. Robert

    Dear Dr. Talbert,

    I have been searching the web for a good or somewhat decent Calculus Textbook. You are probably wondering why on earth would I do that? At this time I had to drop my Calculus 1 class this semester because it was too early for me to make it on time (5 minutes late was too much for the professor.) Since I work a 40 hour job till midnight going to class was difficult. Afterwards I tried several other professors at the community college I go to and I didn’t like the fact that they were first year professors or were teaching Calculus for the very first time (of course there is a first for everything). Don’t get me wrong they were patient but their explanations were simple and not in depth. Unfortunately I am not a math wiz in any sense of the definition and trying to understand their style was rough. I preferred my first professor because she knew what she was doing and explained things so well but of course the class was too early for me. Now I await for next semester to take Calculus 1 but this time I want to be well prepared since that is a long time to wait. When I was taking Calculus I purchased Anton’s Calculus Textbook. I personally find it difficult to understand and the solutions manual isn’t any better. I came across on the web to Dr. Rogawski’s new textbook. Since you reviewed it do you I “teach” or introduce myself to the world of Calculus? Your advice or insight would be most appreciated. Please e-mail me when you can. Thank you!

  5. Robert

    What I meant to say toward the end:

    “Since you reviewed it do you think I could “teach” or introduce myself to the world of Calculus?”

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