Calling all student bloggers

The comment on yesterday’s post from Matt, an undergrad in math and computer science at Carnegie-Mellon and blogger at Relatively Speaking, reminded me of just how much I appreciate blogs written by students. As a professor, my job on the “micro” scale is to design and teach mathematics courses and do stuff to help the college operate. But my vocation on the “macro” scale is to help students to think well and to chart their course through life. I like to think that blogging is an extension of that vocation beyond my everyday campus role, and it always excites me to be able to interact with students like Matt who are working hard at the business of learning.

So I’d like to ask any student blogger — especially undergraduates but also high school/homeschool students and graduate students — who is actively maintaining a blog that seriously reflects on their studies and their lives to leave your URL in the comments to this post. I don’t have a blogroll around here — maybe I should? — but I would certainly like to add you to my RSS feeds and keep up with what you’re doing.

And perhaps other readers who are similarly interested might like to glean those URL’s from the comments as well. Who knows, perhaps we can one day have some kind of “Carnival of Undergraduates” or something.


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  1. Thanks for the publicity! I must admit, it makes me uneasy. Are these virtual growing pains I’m feeling? 🙂

    Let me know if there are specific topics you’d like to read about and I’ll make an effort to post accordingly.

  2. Hiya there. Just found you through my tag surfer, and I thought I’d pop in and take you up on your offer.

    I’m an undergraduate English major, and I blog about “life” : school, definitely and memorable moments on my quest for adulthood or something like it. I do throw in some spirituality, so it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I do appreciate the invitation.


  3. One of my ex-students started In the Angora and is still blogging there, and another works for FIRE (or did, last I heard), but other than them, if I have ex-students blogging, I don’t know about them. Since I’m no longer at the university, I no longer have ex-students dropping by the office to talk.

    That’s one of the few things I miss.

  4. Was your student Josh Claybourn? I used to read ITA all the time ( for those of you who’ve never visited) and I thought it was a great site for religion/cultural topics.

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  6. bnolden

    Funny that you should mention the “Carnival of Undergraduates”. I ended up found you blog while searching for the best student blogs. I have only been posting for a month and would love some advice/feedback.

    All the best

  7. Yup — about seven years ago.

  8. Can this include an advertising major with an aversion to math?

  9. There are three of us at

  10. They are taking group blogs as well.