On the road

204820817_e61b9111dc.jpgJust a public service announcement: Our crew is heading down to my Mom and Dad’s for Christmas* this morning, and we’ll be gone until Sunday. So no posting, probably.

In the meanwhile, I’ve got some posts percolating on Sage, Jott, design principles for college syllabi (as suggested by virusdoc), and lessons about teaching that I’ve learned through my Advent devotionals so far this year. All coming your way hopefully next week.

If you’re travelling too, be safe out there and enjoy  your time with family or whomever/whatever it is you’re travelling for.

* My sisters and I spend Christmas Day with my folks in even-numbered years and with the in-laws in odd-numbered years. So Christmas Day is more like a week-long affair, which our two girls rather enjoy. 


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2 responses to “On the road

  1. Val

    I have been reading up on your writing about GTD. During the break between semesters (I teach biology at a CC) I have read the book and thought about how a college prof would implement. My concern is similar to the issue you posted about previously – the inundation of grading that begins about two weeks in will likely throw me off the system I imagine devising. Have you managed a way to implement GTD systematically and keep at it well into a semester? There are some hacks that I am interested in trying but I’d like to try something systematic before I degenerate into little maneuvers that only equate to band-aids.

  2. Val – Good question. Actually that’s THE question for any college prof trying to maintain a shred of organized productivity. I have some ideas that worked well this past semester. I’m kind of on hiatus right now but I would like to blog at length about these in the next week. Stay tuned!