Some short tech updates

My two weeks of poring through tenure and promotion portfolios, and writing recommendation letters for those up for tenure or promotion or annual review, are finally over with. It actually ended up being two weeks + 1 day. And those portfolio reviews, far from being dull, gave me tons of material that I would love to blog about — and never can. Oh well.

So I’m going to get back on the posting bandwagon slowly, starting with a three little tech-related  mini-posts.

maple-95.png1. I have finally got Maple 10 up and operational on my Macbook running  Leopard.  As I have written about before, this has been an issue from the day I installed Leopard. And it’s been an issue for many others as well, judging by the number of search engine referrals from queries like “Maple 10 Leopard FUBAR” or something similar. For some reason, the advice given in this email actually worked, although I had to do some serious searching to find and replace the license file. But it’s all good now, and not a moment too soon, as I will need Maple for both my sophomore-level courses this semester.


2. Praise be to the saints who operate, where this blog is hosted. They just upped the free storage space amount 60-fold, from 50 MB to 3 GB! My choice to switch from a self-hosted WordPress blog to a free blog is looking better and better each day.

dress_mac_01.jpg3. My mom and dad got us a .Mac membership for Christmas. I put it on our wish list as one of those items that I was kind of curious about, didn’t really want to pay for, but wouldn’t mind it if somebody else bought it for me. So now I have it and… now what? I’m having a hard time figuring out what I am supposed to do with it that I can’t already do using pre-existing services. Mail? I have GMail for that. Groups? The Mrs. uses them but sticks entirely to Yahoo Groups. Online photo sharing? Flickr. Backup services? Time Machine, which I now have working as well (although I can definitely see the good behind network backups). So that leaves, er, what exactly? Web page authoring?



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  1. virusdoc

    the primary use i had for .mac is the idrive feature, which i used for synchronizing files between work and home desktops. If you don’t have such a synchronization need, then I don’t know what to suggest. Once my free trial expired, I found out Purdue offers a free similar service called webdav, so I didn’t explore .mac any further.

    In other mac news, I ordered a MacBook Air and am enthusiastically awaiting its arrival!

  2. virusdoc

    Oh yeah, Back to My Mac is pretty cool if you have a desktop-bound Mac that is always on and you need to access by remote. Only works with .Mac:

    But if your only Mac is a MacBook of some ilk, most of these services are moot.

  3. There’s also the syncing of Safari bookmarks — which I supposed could be helpful, but (1) I don’t really use Safari, and (2) the Mrs. has her bookmarks and I have mine, and I don’t want to sync them (neither does she).

    I’m not interested in purchasing a Macbook Air myself, but I would love to hear what you think of yours once it’s in.

  4. Doc, also, the link you provided for Back to My Mac says that this only works with Leopard. Kind of a deal breaker, since our Mac mini at home is running Tiger. (The machine is so slow already, it would probably fossilize if I put Leopard on it.)

  5. virusdoc

    I upgraded my iMac to Leopard and did notice some decreased speed in the finder (mostly due to increased graphics bling, I think). Startup times are longer by a few seconds, but still vastly faster than Vista or XP. Applications seem to launch and run as fast as in Tiger. But the only reason I upgraded was for Time Machine. If you already have an automated backup solution, I think you’re wise to stick with Tiger.

    The parental controls on Leopard are much enhanced over Tiger as well, which will soon be helpful for us.

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