Friday random 10

1. Lady Marian (Clannad, Pastpresent)
2. Five Long Years (Eddie Boyd, Essential Chicago Blues)
3. I Feel So Good (Muddy Waters, His Best: 1956-1964)
4. Stone Cold Crazy (Queen, Classic Queen)
5. The Red Rooster (Howlin’ Wolf, His Best: Chess 50th Anniversary)
6. People Watching (Jack Johnson, Curious George soundtrack)
7. Donald Macgillavry (The Fight with the Blackfeet) (various, Lewis & Clark soundtrack)
8. On the Silent Wings of Freedom (Yes, Tormato)
9. Pleiades (King’s X, Gretchen Goes to Nebraska)
10. San Jacinto (Peter Gabriel, Shaking the Tree)

Gretchen Goes to Nebraska by King’s X (#9) is a landmark for me in my personal musical history. It came out in 1989, just after I started college and was in a storm of contention between my religious background and the academic climate I had just entered.

Just when I had started thinking that Christianity and I just weren’t meant to be — based on the lameness of Christian culture, especially Christian music, as well as my Christian community’s unwillingness to engage itself with the ideas I was learning in college — along comes King’s X with this album that combines outstanding rock musicianship with a deep understanding of faith and at the same time that wariness I had of Christian culture. They were definitely in the world but not of it.

“Pleiades” has always been my favorite from that album, and it’s without a doubt the finest rock song about the 38th chapter of Job that you will ever hear. And this homemade video from YouTube will probably be the only video you ever see which features Giordano Bruno.


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