Jericho returns

jericho-picture.pngJust a programming/public service announcement: Jericho, the only television show I really actually watch, is returning for its second season this Tuesday at 10 PM eastern time on CBS. I first wrote about Jericho here, having discovered it while stranded in the Charlotte, NC airport for 36 hours. I say it’s the only TV show I watch, but in fact I have never watched it on television. You can get the entire first season, with the full episodes, for free on line at CBS Innertube, and that’s where I watched most of it (and mostly in the Charlotte airport). I broke down and bought a couple of episodes from iTunes as well.

That there will be a second season at all is a story in itself. The show was originally cancelled, but distraught fans mounted a petition drive to bring the show back on air. Part of the drive consisted of delivering several thousand pounds of peanuts to CBS headquarters (a reference to a famous line delivered in one of the final first season episodes). CBS reconsidered, and now there are seven new episodes in the hopper.

Jericho is a cult classic already, with a wiki and a spawn of Jericho-related blogs out there. Watch a few of the first season episodes at Innertube (the pilot, and then I’d suggest “9:02”, “Rogue River”, “The Day Before”, “AKA”, and then “Why We Fight” in that order if you can’t watch them all) and then tune in Tuesday night if you want to join the cult.


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  1. Thanks for the great review. I hope you will email or send a postcard to CBS to let them know you are watchng the second season.

    A Jericho Fan Organization

  2. Glad to see I’m in good company. There are only two shows that I watched last year, LOST and Jericho. And I watched them both on the Internet (we don’t have television). I got hooked on lost and watched all three seasons last year. You might like it – it’s not what I thought it would be.

  3. @Maria: LOST and Numb3rs are two shows I’ve been meaning to make time to watch. I saw the pilot for Numb3rs when it came out and I thought it was corny, but evidently it’s gotten better over time.

  4. Rose

    I only watch HOUSE and JERICHO so I am VERY happy that JERICHO is FINALLY returning!!
    JERICHO is different, exciting, romantic, action-packed, just plain FUN!!
    Yeah, it gets tense sometimes, but hey, it’s about life after a nuke.
    Give it a try. I PROMISE you will LOVE it after 2 or 3 episodes. Personally, my favorite episode is the season one finale called, WHY WE FIGHT. I wasn’t happy at all with the subject matter, but it was a GREAT, well-written and well-acted episode.
    I say I wasn’t happy with the subject matter because they killed off my favorite character and actor, GERALD MCRANEY.
    But SKEET ULRICH (Miracles) and ASHLEY SCOTT (Birds of Prey) are really, really, really, good in it and sizzle on the screen!
    ENJOY!! TUES. FEB. 12th 10 P.M. on CBS.

  5. Jericho is the only show I’ve been hooked on without ever having seen an episode; I got hooked on the season recap. Numb3rs is pretty good, actually. Not great TV, but entertaining. And as for Lost, if you’re interested, you need to catch up from season one on, or you’ll have no idea what’s going on — er, I should say, you’ll have less idea what’s going on that we who watch it do.

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